Saturday, January 1, 2011


Eden Cafe

I love browsing through at all the seductive and pampering products they offer. The first area I go to is the Sensual Love area, and then Bath and Body. There are so many products I want to try. I want to try the foaming baths, shower gels, shimmer creams, and body oils.

The perfect calming night for me would to start off in one of their bath products. Soak in the tub using some of their mood candles. Maybe have a small glass of wine and my mp3 player playing my favorite music or reading a magazine.

Then take a shower using the shower gels. Come out of the shower and use the shimmer creams or body oils for a wonderful scent. Then put on my favorite pair of pajamas and relax in bed with the t.v. remote in hand until I get sleepy enough for bedtime.

We all need moments like these to recharge. I know I do. Maybe you have been too scared to try websites like EdenFantasys, but we all deserve to feel desirable. Go check out EdenFantasys and find something to chase those winter blues away and take a moment for yourself.

Happy New Year

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