Monday, October 18, 2010

Soda Stream Review

Soda Stream very generously sent me their Fountain Jet and soda flavorings for a review.

First of all, this came in the mail right at dinner time. The kids were very eager to use it, but I had all kinds of things going on in the kitchen. I caught a short break while something was in the oven and thought I would look over the directions.

So easy.

I assumed there would be more to it. Nope. Fill up a reuseable liter bottle with tap water. Place the carbonator in the system. Push a button a couple of times and you have carbonated water. Then you put your soda flavoring in. I was shocked it was so simple. I really thought there would be more to it.

The flavoring is very good. Does not taste like cheap or generic soda at all. The taste is great. Actually the system works a little too well. I get bugged by my kids all the time to make soda. See, I don't buy soda for the kids, but yet at the same time they are not forbidden from it. So if we go to a restaurant or party they can have it. Everything in moderation. So they love having this. It's been really nice for when we have homemade pizza night. I make the soda and some popcorn and we watch a movie together.

The benefits to this system is you can control easier how much soda your kids consume. You make the soda when you want to, and make how much you want. If you want soda for the kids just for special occassions like me, it's easy to control that. If I had pop for them here from the store, they would be asking for it everyday lol.

It's better for the envirnoment. There is no waste. The liter bottles are reuseable. Soda Stream is an "Active Green" product which means you are literally reducing your carbon footprint everytime you use it.

The cost is another important factor. This system works out to .25 cents a can!

The only downside would be exchanging the carbonator. But that's once in awhile hassle as opposed to weekly lugging of cases or liters of soda.

Check out Sodastream today!

I was sent a Sodastream system for free. I was not paid for this review nor did I have to give a positive review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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