Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Made Special by Wholesale Costume Club

I try to make the holidays a blast. There have been times when my family has not seen each other for awhile and when we do see each other we like to catch up and we like to laugh. Okay this sounds like an Olive Garden commercial.

I had the wonderful opportunity to review a costume from Wholesale Costume Club. I thought it would be hilarious for someone to wear a costume to my Christmas Eve party. Like I mentioned before we already do gag gifts, which is a load of laughs so I thought a costume would really top things off.

I searched the Men's Costumes because I knew my brother, the comedian would love to wear a costume and get laughs.

Then it brought me to the Christmas costumes, which I thought would be perfect and really put everyone in the Christmas mood.

I decided on Buddy the Elf costume since everyone I know loves that movie and quotes it quite frequently this time of the year.

Everyone LOVED it. We laughed so hard. As you can tell my brother liked posing.

No one could believe the price of the costume was only $28.96 member price. The costume was so well made and was alot of fabric to make a men's costume. It looked just like Buddy! You can order the wig to go with the costume.

We actually took a plate of cupcakes around to neighbors and sang Christmas carols. It was alot of fun and we laughed so hard!

Check out Wholesale Costume Club, you never know what you will find or what occassion you will make fantastic by adding a costume!


  1. That is too funny! He looks great! What an awesome gift

  2. thanks, we have alot of fun together

  3. Funny!! I love Buddy the Elf - great costume!



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