Monday, December 6, 2010

Lice Guard Robi Comb Review

My kids elementary school has terrible lice problem! One year I told my oldest daughter that if she got lice again I was going to pull her out of school and homeschool her. I even went and talked to her teachers and asked if they could do more lice checks. My oldest daughter has hair that is waist length and thick. It was a terrible ordeal.

Through trial and error I found some things that helped:

1. Suave kids shampoo supposedly has an ingredient in it that lice do not like. I use this shampoo on the kids.

2. You don't need to buy those pricey shampoos that are suppose to keep lice away. I picked one up one day and read the ingredients and all it was...essential oils that I already have in my home. So I take the suave shampoo and add essential oils like rosemary, peppermint, eucalyptus and tree tea oil. I do think this helps.

3. Always be wary of using the pesticides on your kids head. Especially if they seem to get lice mulitiple times. I don't like using pesticide on my kids. I have had just as much luck with just combing the lice out with the above mentioned shampoo (suave shampoo with essential oils).

4. I also would not use the chemical spray to spray their beds or backpacks. If you want to use something put distilled water in a spray bottle with the above mentioned essential oils and spray their beds and backpacks down. Just use the eucalyptus sparingly or not at all as some amounts of this EO can be dangerous to children.

So I encourage everyone to try everything you can to rid lice without using harsh chemicals and pesticides. That is where the Robi Comb comes into play. The KEY to getting rid of lice is combing combing combing the hair. You can wash everything in your home and it will not get rid of lice like combing your child's hair.

The Robi Comb operates on a AA battery. When combing through your childs hair, if the comb detects a louse, it will zap it with a small electrical current (the comb's tip is designed to not zap your child though lol).  Using this daily, with your combination of shampoo with essential oils is a natural way to get rid of lice without possible harmful chemicals!

My children currently do not have lice so we didn't get to use the product in that way, but I feel SO much better knowing that if they do get lice (my 3rd child's school classroom keeps get infected) that I won't be using those cheaply made metal combs that break on us and I will be able to kill the louse on contact. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Any of you moms out there who have dealt with this issue knows how hard it is, and having a product that solves the problem and makes life easier for you in that moment of stress is worth it.

I highly recommend this product.
Thank you Robi Comb for the chance to review your product :o)

I received this product to review for free but was not required to write a positive review.


  1. Man! Too bad this isn't a giveaway! We could use something like this right now!

  2. OMG! Don't you just hate lice? I get the heebie-jeebies just thinking about those crawly things! I threatened to shave my daughters heads (I have twins) when they came home with head lice the third time. I hope I NEVER have to see those nasty things again. dmj53(at)hotmail(dot)com

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