Thursday, April 28, 2011

I want to break up with you Monster Java

SignitureYou are costing me $2 a day.

 I don't want to quit you. My house has never been cleaner and I have actually been going to the gym. Oh how I love the energy you give me...but you are costing me money and my dignity when I walk into the local gas station and buy 10 cans. I think the gas station workers are planning an intervention. Not to mention each can is 200 calories!


  1. My friends love these things! They make me nervous, that they will make me all jittery or not good for my health. Do they taste good? Oh.... I just realized this is the coffee version! My friends love the kind in a green can, not coffee. I bet I would be more apt to drink your java kind, cuz it would be more like coffee and coffee gives me a jolt of energy, so this wouldn't feel so bad if it did too. Maybe I will try it! But $2 is steep!

  2. and $2 is a sale...normally $2.50! Yes the coffee kind taste wonderful!!!


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