Tuesday, March 15, 2011

U-Stripe It Review

SignitureSo simple a 9 year old can use it.

This my lovelies is the U-Stripe It painting tool. You can add stripes or lines to any room.

Vertical Lines- add height to a room
Horizontal Lines- add width (makes a room feel spacious)

I use to love watching Trading Spaces. Anyone remember that show? I remember seeing them paint stripes in rooms sometimes and I knew there was no way I could ever have that much patience, steady hand and creativity to do something like that.

This tool makes it super easy.

Tighten the wingnuts to adjust the width of the stripe you would like to have. Apply painters tape to the wall. Paint inside the painters tape and you have a stripe.

At first my aunt was going to do this in her home, but she got so busy with a new job that she gave it back to me since I did not want to keep the company waiting for a review. So I decided I would paint a stripe on the wall but now we are selling the house and moving. BUT I have another friend who is remodeling his house and my aunt is still interested so I hope to show you some pictures before too long.

My aunt is interested in painting a white stripe all around the top of her room (underneath the crown molding) to make the walls look taller in her dining room.

From the website:

The U-Stripe It & Design Tool will revolutionalize the design industry. This tool will allow professional painters to create intricate designs that once took days to complete, in half a day or less. Likewise, the homeowner will be able to achieve professional and custom interior design results at a fraction of the cost of wallpaper or hiring a commercial painter. Our tool will help create innovative designs in the users home remodeling projects such as horizontal and vertical stripes of varying widths, plaids, checkered patterns, grids, graphics, custom art works… the designs will only be limited by the user’s imagination.

The U-Stripe It & Design Tool is easy to use, saves time and is very affordable. Using the U-Stripe It & Design Tool eliminates the need for multiple tools such as a calculator, color pencils, chalk lines, yard stick, carpenter level, or laser level and can be used by one person as opposed to traditional striping that may require two or more people to complete a project. The only thing you will need is our tool and painters tape.

I love this soccer wall

This is cool too!

Check out the website to order, watch videos and get inspiration for your home!

I received a UStripIt for review. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions are my own.

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