Saturday, April 16, 2011

Facebook Funnies Pt 3

SignitureFunny Facebook Statuses

1. I think our smart phones are trying to make us look dumb by auto-correcting wrong words into our text messages!

2. Onions: $3.00, Caramel: $2.00, Popsicle sticks: $1.00. Watching your friends bite into a caramel onion thinking it's an apple: beyond priceless.

3. Sometimes you just see a post and think " yup its your own fault"

4. "How can we be lovers if we can't be friends?" You don't understand how sex works, do you, Michael Bolton?

5. is I hate when I buy a bag of air and there's chips in it.

6. Considering I’m broke, I wonder if she’ll let me be her sugar-free daddy
7. In a new poll, 80% of Japanese women admit to having faked origami


  1. Stopping by from the Pink Dandy Blog Hop :)

    LOVE these!!! Where did you find these gems?!


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