Saturday, December 4, 2010

Pillsbury Prize Pack Winner and update

Becky said...

I make overnight oats so they're ready in the morning.

Follow you on GFC.

Okay, so the baby spilled liquid on my laptop so I had to order a new keyboard for my laptop. And wouldn't you know the keyboard is on backorder?

So I'm  using my kids old desktop down in the basement, so I'm a little behind on product reviews and promoting some of the giveaways. Also I'm not sure where my camera cord is because I always just put the camera disk into my laptop so in the meantime my photos will be taken by my cellphone. Lovely. Sigh. I wish I would stop having computer problems! This baby is more destructive than the rest of my kids combined lol.

So bare with me, and I will be running at normal speed in no time (I hope).

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