Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Purex Crystals Review

I'm so excited to be a Purex insider.

I had totally forgotten I signed up for this. When it came into the mail I was a little disapointed because my stupid  wonderful husband went out and bought a new washer when our other one kicked the bucket, and got a washer that does not have a place to put liquid fabric softener. So I assumed I couldn't use it. Then I read the papers more carefully and seen you add the crystals in the washer with the clothes! I was so excited. I opened the bottle and my goodness the smell. I received the blue one. It smells sooooooo good. I'm hooked on just the scent. And you can smell the wonderful aroma when you switch the clothes from the washer to the dryer. You can smell it when you take the clothes out of the dryer and fold them. Mmmmmm You can smell the clean scent when you wear the clothes. Finally, I can smell the fabric softener I use.

This is great because we would sometimes get fabric softener stains on our clothes. This will work so much better. The scent is long lasting (infuses with your clothing fibers), is better for your clothes and is no mess!

I was mad when I went to the grocery store and it wasn't on the shelf yet. I will check out other stores like Walmart and Target around me. I am hooked on this stuff now and so glad I can stop using dryer sheets.

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  1. Interesting, I'll have to look into these... thanks for the great review!
    CJR @ The Mommy Blog


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