Monday, January 24, 2011

Goodwill Goodies

I have some more Goodwill Goodies for ya!

Just weird looking

For some reason merchandise with self proclamations crack me up. We have all seen the women wearing shirts that say "Too Hot For You" or "Sexy Mama". It takes a certain type of confidence to buy this type of merchandise, or delusion...either one.

Someone had depantsed this bear. Please, he is already at the Goodwill, let him have his dignity!

I have no idea. Have you ever seen things at the Goodwill and thought,"Who made that and why?"

Tune in next time for Goodwill Goodies

Can be seen at Wednesday Window


  1. This is a fun idea! I always see weird, crazy stuff at Goodwill. I should take my camera along next time.

  2. I always think "who in the world would ever buy something like that?" But obviously someone does [then comes to their senses] they end up at the Good Will :)


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