Sunday, January 30, 2011

Goodwill Goodies

More Goodwill Goodies...

I loved this, I keep buying these things. But this one was $9.99! Too high a price for me for thrift store.

This cracked me up. I have no idea what it is? Pokemon something?

The marriage didn't last too much longer after the husband bought this for his wife for their anniversary. Hence the reason it is now at the Goodwill.

I wanted this! I was just afraid it wouldn't work. And the bowls were pretty scratched up inside. $24.99, good deal or not?

apron thrift girl
coastal charm
wednesday window


  1. I have stopped shopping at my local Goodwill. I think their prices are getting too high. I prefer smaller charity shops.

  2. Our GW will let you plug stuff in to "test" it...they told me this as I was buying a lamp...but I did not have a spare bulb in my pocket....and they did not provide one. LOL. Little good the test would do in my case, huh? But with other things, a "test" is a good deal.

  3. The mixer looks great but too much to risk it not working. Charity shops over here are not allowed to sell electrical stuff unless they have someone qualified to do a proper test on it. Good idea really.

  4. Our Goodwill stores offer a 14 day return policy. I paid $25 for a 1950's pink Sunbeam mixmaster, which I love. But I probably wouldn't pay that much for a hamilton beach one.


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