Sunday, January 9, 2011

Toggle Bandz Review

We love these.

I have 3 girls, preteen, child and baby. Each with different hair. Preteen has a ton of thick long hair, child has thin, fine hair and baby hardly has any hair lol. These hair bands will fit each of them. And ME!

These are adjustable handbands, invented by a mama. Mom inventions always rock.

Toggle bandz come in many colors and patterns and you can order custom orders. Order them in school colors, your fave football team etc.

The baby would not stand still for a picture, but it's so cute on babies. I also put one in my hair and it looked really good. I never wear handbands, but I might start now.

Check out Toggle Bandz website
or go to Toggle Bandz Facebook Page

If you put in an order, tell them Retro Housewife sent ya!

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