Thursday, September 15, 2011

Benefits of Drinking Coconut Water: PHENOM At GNC


What is coconut water?

Coconut water is what you will find when you open up a coconut before it matures. Once it matures the water solidifies to the coconut flesh we usually see.

This water is a naturally isotonic beverage with zero fat and contains more potassium than a banana.

Coconut water is so hydrating, it's a natural and healthy choice as a sport drink or after workout drink.

GNC now offers coconut water that is infused with GNC vitamins and minerals! This line is called PHENOM

Choose from these different varieties:

has added electrolytes
promotoes hydration
Pure flavor

Phenom-Mega V
added electrolytes and multivitamins
vitamin rich
Pure flavor, Pineapple Punch, Orange Guava Passion

with electrolytes, multivitamins and energizing ingredients
enhanced with B vitamins to support energy production, plus caffeine
Lemon Mojito, Acai Peach Flavors

When can coconut water be useful to you?

When you’re sick

When you take medication

After you exercise

After alcohol consumption

From heat

During pregnancy

As you age

Did you know coconut water is an all natural sport and energy drink
Top 5 Reasons to drink coconut water as an athlete

Did you know you can help prevent a hangover with coconut water??
How to Prevent a Hangover with Coconut Water


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