Monday, December 19, 2011

Kushyfoot for a Kushy Christmas Season


 I was so lucky to receive Kushyfoot products for review. 

I love accessories and don't really by them for myself near enough. 

I was sent the Kushyfoot tights. These were very nicely made, thick and comfortable black tights with a diamond pattern. 

These tights are available in black, brown, grey, navy and purple. The ribbed tight is made in the same colors except for navy.

I never wear tights. I don't know why. I wear dresses and skirts alot in the summer with no pantyhose or tights but haven't really carried the skirts and dresses over into the fall and winter.

But these tights are soo cute, and I like the slimming look it gives me with a nice skirt and sweater. 

The other product I was sent to review were a pair of ZEBRA PRINT (anyone who knows me knows my signature is zebra print thank you very much) slippers that you can slip on when you are partying it up at holiday parties and your feet are killing you from your dress shoes and high heels. They are small and fold up to fit any purse or pocketbook. 

They are soft, flexible and yet still elegant. Recommended retail price of only $9.99, trust me your feet will thank you! Have you ever been stuck at an event with uncomfortable shoes? It really dampens your mood. 

Both these products would make great gifts for the holiday season. Especially for the fashion savvy friend or family member. It's hard to pick out clothes for someone, but alot easier to pick out accessories that they would enjoy!


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