Monday, November 15, 2010

Treasure of the Sea~ Eden Fantasys Review

Treasure of the Sea

As a blogger ambassador for eden fantasys I got the chance to review Treasure of the Sea, by Kamasutra.

This is a luxury bathing kit. This makes an excellent gift for the holiday season, bridal shower or birthday.

Or for yourself. You know how stressful the holidays can be... you deserve this.

I don't have a fancy jet tub. So using a product like this really helps you enjoy a nice soak.

The product is packaged beautifully. It comes with a seashell to scoop the bath crystals out, genius.

The crystals turn your water blue. It does not stain your tub at all.

I hate winter. Oh yeah, I mentioned that in another blog post recently ;o)   When winter brings me down I can soak in a hot tub and feel like I'm in the ocean. Oh, I could bring a margarita. Last night I used body wash scent called Ocean Breeze to complete the ocean theme. Oh and there are bubbles!

The crystals contain sea salts, sea weeds and organic moisturizers. It leaves your skin feeling soft and there is a light oceany scent.

I loved using this product and I think it's beautifully packaged as you can tell in the picture. We all deserve this.

You can buy Treasure of the Sea here

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