Wednesday, December 8, 2010

CSN Review: Rachael Ray's Bubble and Brown 4.25qt Oval Bakeware

Look at it!
I love it :o)

I was so happy to review Rachael Ray's Bubble and Brown 4.25 qt. Oval Bakeware. What intrigued me is the handles on each side. You know how hard it can be to pull things out of the oven. I hate that! I also love that it comes with a matching lid.

What turned me on to Rachael Ray's line of products was I won a CSN giveaway at another blog. I used the giftcode to order two Rachael Ray kitchen tools. Loved them!

I got Rachael Ray Bench Scrape


3-in-1 Veg-A-Peel

This introduced me to her products. I don't get the opportunity to watch t.v. very often, so I wasn't real familiar with the products before this.

I'm a huge believer in the fact that if you are going to go to a potluck or serve food in your home, it better be in nice bakeware. It can be real off putting to want to grab some food at a party just to see that the pan is rusted, stained and/or scratched.

This bakeware is beautiful. My mother said it was pretty enough to sit as a decoration in your kitchen. I love the vibrant green color (green is my favorite color). I love how it's also offered in other unique colors (brown and orange for example).

This bakeware is freezer, microwave and oven safe (to oven temp of 500).

I am thinking up what I can serve in it for Christmas Eve because this baby is too pretty to sit on a shelf!

Check out for all your holiday needs.

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